Christmas At Uni! 

Christmas is well on its way and fast approaching with not many sleeps left to go! If you’re anything like me then you’ll relish in the fact that it’s now an ‘acceptable’ time for you to decorate and make your house all Christmassy.

However, you’re at uni and you can’t rely on the abundance of Christmas decorations that are supplied by your parents. Well, fear not! Here are some tips to get your student homes ready for the festive period.

1. Take a Trip to the Pound Stores

I swear by this... going to stores where everything is £1 or less is the way forward for decoration shopping! Granted the quality of the decorations isn’t the but they’ll do the job for the few weeks of festivities. You can buy some tinsel which you can hang around mirrors, cupboards and anything else your heart desires (like the stair bannister).

Another must-have is the Christmas reef that you hang outside your door, to let everyone know that you are full of festive joy!

You can also visit ‘The Mum & Dad Store’. Let me explain... Parents can be hoarders and they tend you keep years and years’ worth of Christmas decorations (this is so true of my family - we still have decorations from 15 years ago)!

Nevertheless, if you ask nicely I’m sure they wouldn’t mind lending you some of the older decorations and if they’re too sentimental to relinquish them then try for the newer stuff!

2. Make Your Own...

This tip is for the creative ones out there. If you have the free time or would rather procrastinate and do anything else other than that 2000-word essay due next week; then this tip is right up your street.

You can go to town and make baubles, snowflakes, trees and why not just make a whole nativity scene out of paper and card whilst you’re at it! 

Check out creative craft ideas for decorations:

3. Go Shopping with Your Roommates

If you aren’t the only person in your house/flat that is into this joyous occasion that is Christmas, then a good idea is to go shopping for decorations together! This way you will end up spending a fraction of the price because, there is no way one person is going to need a pack of 20 baubles.

Going decoration shopping means that you can probably afford to go all out and get a communal Christmas tree to put in your kitchen or lounge!

4. Have a Flat Christmas Meal!

There’s a very small chance that any of you will be around on December 25th but something that is always fun to do is have a Christmas meal. You should all select a day where no one has a deadlines or is busy and have a meal will all the Xmas trimmings (or pizza).

Even if everyone you live with doesn’t celebrate Christmas it’s still a really nice way to spend time with your friends together one last time before you go home for a month!

5. Secret Santa

Now obviously as students you’re not expected to have an abundance of money so set a budget of something small like £5 or £10 and buy your flatmates something little that you know they’re into or at least laugh at.

After all you’ve been living with these people for a while now and you must have at least some idea of their likes and dislikes.

Check out this site for cheap and creative ideas for prezzies:

Hopefully these 5 tips have given you some ideas on how to enjoy Christmastime whilst you’re away at university!

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