As we all know Valentine’s Day is well on its way and let’s be honest it is hugely commercialised. With all the restaurants, florists, card shops and God knows what else utilising this holiday and making you part with your cash, we are definitely paying too much in order to show our loved ones we actually love them! It’s complete pandemonium when you think about it..!

We will agree that yes, Valentine's Day has become a totally over-commercialised celebration but we won’t deny that it's still the perfect opportunity to let your little romantic bone have its moment. It may be a holiday that has copious amounts of people complaining about it (though it might be difficult to find someone that will actually turn away a box of chocolates and an invitation to dine somewhere nice). 

However, it still gives you the chance to show someone you love them (I know, I know.. everyday should be Valentine’s Day - but honestly who really has the time, patience or money to be romantic everyday of the year)?

Although, this day isn’t always about spending big bucks, there are plenty of other things that you can do to for your ‘love’ that are much more meaningful and priceless than buying things. Thats why we've come up with a few little ways to be lovey-dovey and celebrate Valentine's Day, no debit card necessary…

1. Make them breakfast in bed. Ok so the 14th is a Tuesday and if you’re unlucky enough to have work or uni first thing, waking up even earlier to make a meal may be a bit of a stretch, but that’s why your efforts will be even more appreciated. Make up an array of their favourite breakfast foods and drinks and bring it to them with enough time to eat it before they have to get up and start their day.

2. Make them something or do something out of the box. If you’re the creative type and are any good at art, carpentry or music, etc you could take the time to create something completely unique and specifically made for them. This will without a doubt go down a treat and will really show your special someone that they are indeed truly special. If you're not so creative then why not do something you'd never think of doing...

3. Do the jobs you hate. If you’re someone who doesn’t do a lot of housework or just anything that your other half would appreciate you doing more often why not try doing some of them and then you could give them an IOU for more things that you’ll do in the next month or so with the added insensitive of no complaining!

4. Have a night in. Enjoying a night in may be just what you needed, you could spend the time catching up on your favourite shows  at the moment or watching a movie that you’ve been wanting to see for a while. On top of that you could have a home cooked meal, complete with candles to make it just that little bit more romantic.

5. Write a heartfelt letter. Even if this sounds ‘corny’ or ‘cheesy’ writing down your feelings on paper is a very inexpensive way to show your special someone that you love them and guaranteed they’ll 100% appreciate the effort!

We hope that you have gained some Valentine's inspo and have an amazing day with your loved ones.

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