If you are wary of moving out of halls to private student accommodation because of the horror stories you’ve heard about rogue landlords or agents, then we are here to give you all the information you need in order to avoid the tell-tale signs of bad agents and ensure you get amazing student digs to live in.

1. Make sure you DO NOT send any money to anyone advertising student properties online until you’re 100% certain that they are genuine.

2. Wherever possible, DO NOT pay any money until you, or a someone you trust, has seen the property with an agent or the landlord. If for what ever reason you are unable to view a property - maybe because you’re an international student then make sure you contact your university for a list of reputable local landlords and letting agents.

3. You can ask the agent for proof of accreditation, never be afraid to ask for credentials. Finding businesses or landlords that are accredited will hopefully give you peace of mind you need as you know that they have the correct licensing.

4. Make sure you read through the tenancy agreement thoroughly and any other legal documents you receive and if there are things that you want a second opinion on you can always ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement so you can give it to a parent to read over. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

5. If there is something you want added to the contract make sure it's not just a verbal agreement but a written one also as it is very easy for a dodgy landlord or agent to deny things that you had earlier agreed on. Once a written agreement is made make sure it is signed by you and the agent. 

6. Finally, make sure any fees that you pay are agreed upon and in writing to stop the agent changing how much the admin fee or deposit is.

Hopefully you’ll take these tips on board when looking for student houses and the letting agents that come with.