Surely this is something we can ALL relate too.... You go out with your mates, you drink just a little bit too much and get just a little bit too drunk... then regret it instantly in the morning when you can’t lift your head from the pillow and you’re trying to piece together the shambolic events of the night before.

Here are some useful tips to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself…

1) Have a Meal Before You Leave
Think of this as your prep for a big night out. So line your stomach with food in order to soak up all the alcohol before you head out the door. Lucky for you, greasy food is your friend because it lines your stomach with a protective layer. 

2) Alternate Your Drinks
This one is pretty straight forward, for every alcoholic drink you have, try having a non alcoholic drink or water to keep your alcohol level balanced. Granted, you probably will probably have to go to the toilet a lot more, but we’d rather that than waking up next to one!

3) Pace Yourself
Now we all know that drinking copious amounts of alcohol in a short span of time is never going to end well, so why not do yourself a favour and slow your intake down, that way you’ll be able to last the whole night! Also, stay off the shots - that's when it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

4) Dance, Dance, Dance
Well, don’t just stand there, dance! Have some fun! You’ll enjoy yourself plus increase your heart rate which pumps blood around your body quicker enabling your bladder and livers to take out the alcohol. Also sweating the toxins out of the alcohol out as you do as well! 

5) Leave Your Bank Card At Home
If you don’t want to wake up and check your balance and see -£100 then we suggest that you only take out an amount of money you don’t mind spending to ensure the safety of your bank account.

6) Become T-Total 
If all else fails maybe you can think about becoming T Total! Crazy we know, theres no way, right? But just think of how much your liver will thank you in the long run! 

Hopefully you’ll follow some of these steps to ensure your dignity remains intact!