Are you "Driving (going) Home for Christmas"? Well we’ve got 6 tips for you on how to keep your uni house safe over the festive period.

Take Valuables Home With You

If you’re going home for Christmas, take your valuables with you. Some of the most hit areas for thefts and burglaries have been those that are highly populated with students. 

Thieves know student houses are very likely to contain multiple laptops, phones and other portable devices. Take yours with you, or secure them safely if you don’t want to lose them over the holidays.

2. Do an Inventory
If you can’t take all of your belongings with you, take an inventory of everything that is left behind. The landlord or agent will more than likely have the inventory of all the furniture and fixtures that come with the house. However, it is your job to make sure you know exactly what you’re leaving behind.

3. Make Sure You Conceal Your Stuff
For the valuables you choose to not take with you over the holidays, make sure you move them out of any line of sight and hide them away. 

4. Lock Up!
This probably seems like a given but you’d be surprised by the amount of students that leave their doors unlocked because they ‘can’t be bothered to find their keys’ or the ones that forget that they’ve left their windows open because they were drying laundry.

Unlocked doors and windows is something that is recurring in student thefts, the best thing you can do (especially at this time of year) is make sure your house isn’t at all vulnerable! Lock and protect ALL windows and doors… Even if you’re only going to the corner shop.

5. Think About Getting Insurance…
It’s very easy to think that bad things only happen to other people and not you (yes you) but in actuality you are always at risk of theft. It’s 100% worth thinking about getting content insurance to cover the cost of the your belongings if you are misfortunate enough to have things stolen from you. 

It can be easy to think that because you live in a student property that the agent or the landlord you rent from are responsible for any thefts that happen but this is not the case… Very few offer the protection of your belongings, so it’s up to you if you want to risk it for the biscuit.. but we advise you to get covered!

6. Take Photos of Your Presents
In the New Year when you’re back at university, you’ll no doubt (if you were nice) have a few shiny new toys that Santa’s left for you. It’s definitely advisable to take some pictures of them as well as this will help with the identification process in the event of theft – additionally making it much easier to put through an insurance claim.

We hope that you use these precautions to ensure your Xmas break isn't ruined!!
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