With 2016 safely in our rear view mirrors, it’s that time of the year again when you declare that “2017 is going to be your year”! Whether you’re one for New Year Resolutions or simply someone who fancies a change, January is your month to start! 

As a uni student there are probably hundreds of things that you'd like to improve this year and (at the moment) you're determined to stick to it. Although, the question is are they completely realistic promises to yourself?

Here are 5 resolutions that the ‘typical’ uni student makes but shortly after breaks!

1. Get More Sleep 
All that partying is bound to be catching up with you by now and if not then, kudos to you! At this point in the year many of you must be tired from all the festive frolics and feel like you're near death from lack of sleep!

If you’re anything like me, then this may sound like a very familiar resolution “next year, I’m definitely getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night” but then that’s immediately broken when you go out on New Years Eve and get home at 4am - sleep all day and then are up until 4am again and thus the cycle continues for the rest of your holidays! It’s then made worse by the horrific realisation that soon lectures are a thing again and need to be attended to get a degree and this is not a habit you can afford to keep…

2. Work Harder/Stop Procrastinating 
Even if you’re a first year or a final year student, you probably got to the point where you're fed up with all the deadlines, essays and spell-checking... as well as all the other uni politics that go with student life, so you've adopted the "I'll leave my work until the last minute because, I will be older and therefore more wise" mentality!

But now that the New Year has rolled in, you’re determined to attend all 9am lectures and do at least a hard hour of studying...

Yeah okay then.. We'll give you 2 weeks until that 1 hour becomes 10 minutes!

3. Drink Less
If you are a ‘typical’ student and stick to the stereotypes then you must be all about the drinking culture that comes with university. 

So when January comes back around by now you would’ve done at least 4 months of binge drinking and you've decided you need to detox so sign onto the dry-athalon and take part in 'Dry January' to live sober for a while… 

Hmm, next thing you know... When you're reunited with friends, one campus coffee turns into a bender at Casino's...

4. Save More of Your Student Loan
Student Finance is about to drop and this time you’ve made a vowel that you’re going to be more sensible about how you spend your bucks, and it’s not all going to be on pizza, clothes and nights out. 

This year you’re going to be an adult and make sure all your rent is paid on time and your student house is stocked with food your parents would be proud of… 

But the sales are still on and if you buy these jeans now you’re actually doing yourself a favour and saving yourself the heartache of buying them at full retail price so you might as well buy a few more cheeky items because they’re all so cheap! 

When your student loan does land you might be less about the saving and more like this:

5. 'New Year, New Me’
And finally, that age old phrase “New Year, New Me” and any other variation of it... What does that even mean!? How can a date change a person? 

Sure, in the beginning it sounds really empowering and you’re full of motivation to become this all seeing, all knowing benevolent person but how can you trust the 2016 You (who was obviously not supremely perfect) to make decisions and plans on how 2017 You will be?! Think about it!

If you succeed in keeping all your resolutions this year then we applaud you!

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