Maybe you’re the anomaly in the rule and don’t want to go out clubbing every other day or maybe you’re just running low on funds but still want to do something fun, well we have your answer! Keep reading to get 4 tip top tips to enjoy your nights in… on a budget, of course!

1. Drinking Games

Chances are you and your housemates have some leftover alcohol hanging about from those nights where you had pre drinks or a house party and everyone and their dad brought a bottle, well this is a perfect time to utilise peoples forgetfulness/kindness and use the leftover bevies to play an array of drinking games with your friends! What more could you ask for - free alcohol and friends!

2. Movie Marathon Night

If you don’t feel like drinking then why not have a movie night, invite all your friends round and make sure they bring their duvets and pillows to create a pillow fort to make your movie experience that much more comfy. Add some munchies and drinks and you have yourself the makings of an epic movie night!

3. Pizza Party (or any other fast food you fancy)

Even if you’re a little strapped for cash this idea is still something you could do. The more people you have the better, you can order pizza and whatever else your heart desires and split the cost equally which will cut the price of how much you’d spend if you were to buy just for yourself! Add some tunes and you’ve got yourself a pizza party! 

4. Games Night

I don’t know why you wouldn’t like the previous ideas but in case that’s not your cup of tea then how about a games night? This night involves playing everyones favourite games, whether it is a family classic like Monopoly or something new and made up! The possibilities are endless and fun is bound to be had because you’re in the company of people you enjoy.

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